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applying the benefits of VIRTUAL PRODUCTION



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Virtual production is transforming filmmaking by merging digital and physical elements in real-time, offering benefits like cost savings and creative flexibility. It changes how movies are made, reducing production time and costs, eliminating location constraints & fostering boundless creativity

The global virtual production market size was valued at $1.41 billion in 2020 and is projected to register a compound annual growth rate of 16.7% from 2021 to 2028 (Source: Grand View Research, 2021) 

10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th June, 2024
4pm – 5:30pm (BST – London, UK time)

£400 – Standard Fee (VAT applied if applicable) 

Early Bird 20% off Standard Fee
£320 – (VAT applied if applicable)

Our 5-day lecture series hosted by industry veteran Joerg Bachmaier is intended for executives, producers, directors, and other creatives who are familiar with traditional production techniques but are interested in a deeper understanding of  Virtual Production, ICVFX (In-Camera Visual Effects) and the new real-time workflows it enables 




Introduction to the New Content Production Pipeline by Joerg Bachmaier
The New Content Production Pipeline Virtual Production seamlessly merges the digital and physical realms in real-time, revolutionizing filmmaking. This innovative technology empowers filmmakers to engage with digital processes as they do with live-action production. Key virtual production techniques encompass world capture, enabling location/set scanning and digitization; visualization, including PreVis, TechVis, and PostVis; performance capture through mocap and volumetric capture; simulcam for on-set visualization; and in-camera visual effects (ICVFX). In addition, it is important not to overlook the inherent risks and challenges associated with Virtual Production.

Comparing Virtual and Traditional Production Workflows
Presented by CG Pro Zoic StudiosEdward Dawson-TaylorScott Rosekrans
Virtual Production Workflows represent a transformative leap in filmmaking. Beyond its technological advancements, it has the unique potential to bridge the divides in our traditional production methods. By unifying teams, tools, and technology, Virtual Production offers an unprecedented synergy between various aspects of the filmmaking process. It fosters collaboration across silos, from pre-production to post-production, streamlining the creative journey and enhancing the overall production value. In this rapidly evolving landscape, Virtual Production Workflows are redefining how we conceive, create, and bring stories to life on screen.

Exploring New Roles; The Virtual Art Department
with Narwhal StudiosFelix Jorge
The Virtual Art Department & more Filmmakers and Producers face a significant shift with the emergence of the Virtual Art Department (VAD). The VAD handles digital worldbuilding, creating CG assets, and ensuring they smoothly integrate into 3D spaces. It can absorb functions like PreVis, On-Set VR/AR, and MoCap. Sometimes, it merges with Concept and Production Design to enhance versatility. This transition reduces reliance on physical set construction and dressing. Much like any other department on a production, the VAD is best made up of team members with a range of skills – in this case, digital artists, real-time software engineers, computer hardware engineers, and experts in the LED, projection, or other display technologies. These roles may not all be required on set, but they contribute to the team’s success. 

Development, Budgeting & Scheduling for Virtual Production
Featuring Orbital Studios and ROTU EntertainmentMark Poletti Brian Nitzkin Emir Cerman
We’ll take a closer look at the budget, scheduling, and team impacts of Virtual Production during pre-production, production, and post-production and the implications of it al for a workflow. In this section, we delve into the cost-saving benefits of minimized travel to distant shooting locations, the shift of digital asset creation from post-production to pre-production, and the efficiency gained by reducing on-set time. Even a mere day or two saved can result in substantial cost reductions with a more streamlined shooting schedule. While each production is unique, there are shared principles that allow us to establish guidelines and project potential outcomes across various production budgets and timelines. 

Case Study “EUROPA” & Extended Q&A
Facilitated by the ETC – Entertainment Technology Center @ USCTom ThudiyanplackalEric B. RothDane Brehm
At the conclusion of the week, we’ l have a guest speaker who will share an intriguing virtual production case study. This presentation will be a thought-provoking conversation starter, providing valuable insights into the world of virtual production. Following the case study, we’ l open the floor for an extended Q&A session. This is your chance to ask in-depth questions, gain a deeper understanding of the subject, and explore potential opportunities or challenges that lie ahead. It’s a unique opportunity for all participants to connect, share their thoughts, and collectively envision the future of this exciting field.

Who is this for?
Producers, Writers and Executives in creative, executive and production roles

Online Programme via ZOOM
All Online Programmes will be conducted in English

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MediaXchange supports initiatives for inclusion and diversity. We are interested in hearing from Producers Associations, Writers Guilds, Government Agencies and other initiatives supporting the advancement of the creative skills and business interests of their members


With a wealth of experience garnered from Warner Bros., BBC Studios, Endemol USA, and ZDF Studios, Joerg Bachmaier is a seasoned Entertainment Expert, Virtual Production Specialist, and Executive Producer based in Los Angeles

At MediaXchange, he plays a pivotal role in providing creative development and packaging services for Film, TV, and Digital platforms. Joerg advances projects through MediaXchange’s internationally renowned drama acceleration programs, training sessions, advisory services, development initiatives, and production consulting.

In partnership with his company, ENTER NEW WORLDS LLC, a forward-thinking production company based in LA, Joerg leads innovation in Virtual Production, ICVFX, real-time Animation, and cutting-edge AI filmmaking tools for projects of all sizes.

As a Virtual Production Producer, he offers comprehensive services including tailored advisory, training, vendor management, creative development, script breakdowns, and production support. Joerg customizes creative and technical recommendations to align with specific production needs and budgets.

Collaborating with MediaXchange in London and LA, Joerg took the helm in launching the inaugural INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL PRODUCTION SUMMIT in 2021, uniting virtual production luminaries and the global creative community. This milestone paved the way for a series of Creative Exchanges and VP Workshops during the LA SHOWRUNNER TV DRAMA EXCHANGE in Hollywood from 2021 to 2024.

For more details, please visit Joerg’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bachmaier/

In light of continually expanding opportunities provided by the international markets, please contact us to review your corporate interests and projects for coproduction to build business and creative strategies to expand your international presence