Often we have observed the importance of continuity of thinking in order to successfully underpin the application of newly learned systems and best practices. In order to enhance this process MediaXchange has specially designed programmes in place:

Advanced Writing For TV Drama - This programme (funded by the High End TV Levy through Creative Skillset) reaches the third module in January 2018 and is designed to build the professional writing skills and collaborative principles necessary to succeed at the highest level in the competitive genre of primetime drama. The training programme is for writers with proven credits and experience who have been nominated by a senior industry professional and are able to provide references from two additional referees, whose own credits and experience are acknowledged in the drama arena. 
More information can be found at Application Form and Terms & Conditions PLUS click here for the Progress Report.

MediaXchange Diversity Programme - Please contact us for more information.

European Television Drama Lab - This event is presented, for the seventh year, in association with the Erich Pommer Institut and the support of Creative Europe – the MEDIA programme of the European Union.  European executive producers, writers and broadcasters have a unique opportunity to explore and assess processes and systems applicable to creative projects to enhance the development, writing, production and broadcast of sustainable long running drama series

IncubatorContact us if you are interested in bringing together the best talent in your territory with those in the international marketplace who seek to develop formats for the global market.

Please contact us to discuss.