Our global business is underpinned by 25 years of experience in the exchange of interests, knowledge and opportunities between those wishing to expand their business worldwide. Los Angeles and London are the media centres around which we build our Exchanges. From the solid foundation of the experience and success of these two mature leading markets, we reach across creative, business, digital and new technology boundaries to offer Exchanges which inform you about new markets and provide access to key players to build connections to new partners, projects and ventures.

Showrunner Exchange: TV Drama - Click here for latest Brochure and Registration
The role of the US Showrunner and the resulting successful returning series is universally admired. The week in Los Angeles allows access to the best creators, writers and network executives of established US shows. Mixing with top US executive producers, whilst observing episodes of these shows being written, produced and broadcast, is the basis of our long running programme, first established in 1999. Drama writers, producers and executives drawn from across the world will enjoy the additional benefit of sharing the breadth of experience represented within the group itself.

New Takes on Comedy Exchange: Los Angeles - Click here for Brochure and Registration
The week-long Exchange schedule offers those creating, writing, developing, producing or scheduling comedy, a powerful combination of perspectives. Through exposure to a range of experienced practitioners and existing models, you will be able to examine the evolving landscape of US comedy, from Showrunner led sitcoms to the latest developments in hybrid comedy/entertainment formats.

Connect to Hollywood - Click here for Brochure and Registration
Now entering its third year, Connect to Hollywood is designed to identify top-calibre series with the potential to attract interest from the US market. Participants are inducted in US pitching processes and have opportunities to meet one on one to pitch Agents, Networks, Showrunners, Executives, Producers and Sales Agents with the aim of securing US partners and exploring the creative and commercial potential of their concept.

Due to the highly tailored schedule of meetings for individual projects, places will be limited.

Connect to Hollywood is offered exclusively for past participants in MediaXchange’s Los Angeles Exchanges and The European TV Drama Lab (The European TV Drama Lab is produced in association with the Erich Pommer Institut and the support of Creative Europe)

SoapRunner Exchange: UK - Click here for the Exchange Outline and Contact Us for details of terms and fees
MediaXchange has built a format for an exchange of processes between Soaps from Europe and those in the UK, accessing the production bases for shows located in London and the UK Regions. This Exchange offers potential solutions for the challenges, faced by the studios, channels, executive producers and writers. The schedule will address maintaining of a high number of episodes and strong storylines in a long running Soap or serial drama, planning story development for long, medium and short term arcs, and finding ways to refresh your show.
If a current Brochure is not showing for any of the above, please Contact Us for latest details.

“(...) it was our pleasure to host your participants, who were enjoyed by all here. My thanks again for your generosity and the opportunity to participate in your program, which pays dividends for us, as well, in exposing us to other methods and personalities in this rapidly changing and always fascinating, if largely crazy, business.”

Jeff Melvoin, executive Producer/ Showrunner “Army Wives”, “Alias”, USA