MediaXchange’s unique perspective on the international business and creative elements of the industry provides specialized advice personally crafted to expand your interests globally.
For those with proven success at home who now look to enter the competitive global English marketplace, MediaXchange designs highly effective, personalized entry plans by:
  • Providing management strategy thinking and analysis to inspire competitive TV Channels and Production Companies
  • Connecting with our considerable network of industry experts who specialize in identifying and amplifying the creative elements of locally successful series that translate into sales interest in multiple territories
  • With clients hailing from every country in Europe, our range now extends East to Turkey, Croatia, and the UAE
MediaXchange is equally experienced with creative interests and can put to work a considerable network of industry specialists to hone a local show's success with elements that will ensure the potential of sales to multiple territories. Examples include a comedy from Belgium, an historical drama from Austria and a modern thriller series from Germany.
Regions of our Work: MediaXchange has worked in all countries in Europe and is now moving further East to Turkey,  Croatia and the Middle East.
Mentorex: Mentorex is a peer to peer mentoring programme expanding the combined knowledge of the partners and supplying an educated sounding board for all your creative and business related questions.

“The access MediaXchange provides is unparalleled and has been a crucial asset in helping us understand and evolve our business for the international market.”

- Gonzalo Cilley, President, Resonant TV, Argentina