Dates will be announced
The Diversity Initiative
UK and Europe
December 11-15, 2017 
Connect to Hollywood:
Los Angeles US
Tailored schedules provide the opportunity to pitch Agents, Networks, Showrunners, Producers and Sales Agents with the aim of securing US partners and exploring the creative and commercial potential of your concept.
Los Angeles
March 11-16, 2018 
Showrunner Drama Exchange: Spring,
Los Angeles US
Our Exchange provides access to the best creators, writers and network executives of established US Dramas. Mix with top US Showrunners and observe their role and styles in executing primetime US Drama series
Los Angeles
June and November, 2018
Dates to be announced in early 2018 for Modules 1 and 2
European TV Drama Series Lab
Now heading into the programmes seventh year, the European TV Drama Lab is a high Level Training and think tank for leading professionals in the European TV industry. The programme is designed for scriptwriters, producers and broadcasters and explores the essential elements of successful drama series. Top industry experts from across Europe and the US share their knowledge and provide exclusive insights.

Participants join from as many as 18 countries across Europe to provide a rich tapestry of experience and ambition which underpin an open and active learning experience.

For application details and information about scholarship opportunities click here

May 17-18, 2018
Drama Summit West is a MediaXchange joint venture with C21 Media. Now in its 3rd year Drama Summit West connects the US and international drama business to facilitate new Production, Coproduction, Finance and Creative Partnerships. A winning combination of Networking, with attending US and International drama makers, and Sessions, with leading Creators and Producers, puts Participants at the forefront of New Models and Fresh International Approaches
The Ebell, Los Angeles
BOS 2018 Dates to be Announced
The Business of Scripted
With sessions spreading across two days, the third year of this Forum offers those working in the international television drama industry sessions with opportunities to analyse the business elements underpinning successful scripted drama series
Location to be announced
CONTACT US In light of continually expanding opportunities provided by the international markets, please contact us to review your corporate interests and projects for coproduction to build business and creative strategies to expand your international presence